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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  January 13, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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they all got -- they all inguested a little bit of rat poison roar staceys sister is one of seven students who accidentally ingested rat poison. the kid found it on top of a filing cabinet and thought it was a cookie. >> we called poison control. and let them know what it was and poison control determined that it wasn't toxic. as a precaution, 911 was called and the students were transported to various hospitals. >> why did the children have access to rat po sonning in the first place. >> as i said, it's under investigation right now. >> then why are they in the hospital? if it's not poison then let's bring the cookie out here and have some, you know? >> reporter: a spokesperson for the san francisco unified school district said they admit they are aware of rat problems in this school and many others in the city. >> there probably was rat control in our schools. >> and that isn't sitting well for stacey. >> why didn't they bring in a specialist to kill the freaking rats instead of leaving cookies?
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>> reporter: a spokesman for the san francisco fire department said it's usually in an enclosed box outside of the school and no one knows how it got inside of a classroom here in the first place. we're live in san francisco, tonight, nbc bay area news. thank you. of all the sad days in tucson since last weekend, today was an especially painful time for the people in the community. the youngest of the victims was laid to rest. 9-year-old christina green had a love of life and a fascination with public service. meanwhile, survivors at university medical center are showing some positive signs including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. jay gray has for from the hospital. >> reporter: the gut-wrenching reality of what has happened here is unfolding this afternoon in tucson. a flag recovered from the tragedy of 9/11, the day 9-year-old christina green was born, draped above the church doors on the day she'll be buried. the little girl's funeral is the
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first of what will be six emotional goodbyes. the painful loss so difficult for so many still, they will not allow it to define them. >> not everything is going to be okay. it's all going to work out and we're praying for all the victims in the hospital. >> reporter: many drawing their strength right now from the amazing courage and resolve of the survivors. survivors like the shooting victim, eric fuller who after calling the accused gunman, jared loughner a, quote, unhinged lunatic, showed up to his parents' house to apologize for those harsh words. >> i said some bad things about their son so i thought i would come over here and forgive them. >> reporter: there is hope coming from university medical center as well. >> gabby opened her eyes for the first time. >> reporter: florida congresswoman and gabrielle giffords good friend was in her hospital room when it happened. >> he said, touch my ring, gabby, if you can hear me and
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she touched his ring, his arm, his neck. it was unbelievable! >> reporter: some would even say, a miracle. >> yes, miracles happen every day. >> reporter: doctors confirmed she's opened her eyes and has moved both arms and legs now. >> this is a major leap forward. a major milestone for her and we're hoping she crosses through many more. >> reporter: hope that is helping the victims and this community survive. jay gray, nbc news, tucson. also today, police say a neighbor may have found the black bag jared loughner was spotted with on the morning of the attack. and the fbi has finished crime scene work at the shopping center where the shootings happened. some of those stores could re-open by the weekend. incidentally, a bay area vigil is scheduled for tonight for congresswoman giffords and the other shooting victims. it will begin at 7:00 at downtown san jose's first unitarian church.
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the south bay congressman is expected to speak. tonight on "nightly news" with brian williams, new information on the accused shooter coming up at 5:30. it's been an unsettling week in the south bay where everyone is asking, did i feel an earthquake in yes quarterback you did. a 4.5 with two last night measuring 3.9 and 3.7. so, is it a sign of something bigger to come? nbc bay area talked with the seismologist whether this south of gilroy is more than just a reminder of where we live. >> yes, i was afraid. >> reporter: bill lives here in peace san juan batista. >> the sound was amazing. i thought it was a major wind storm at first but then it turned into a rumble and i said, this is an earthquake as the bed started rolling around. >> usgs seismologist say that 30 small quakes hit the area since early wednesday morning. >> we have earthquakes that
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started down in this section with a 4.5 and then last evening there was a cluster up here. >> reporter: seismologists say they were the result of the san andreas fault creeping miles below the surface and getting stuck. the san andreas fault runs here behind mission san juan batista. the same one from 1989. benny garcia worked here and even while he was checking the seismograph this afternoon, we saw movement but nothing like what he felt last night. >> it hit here hard and the one last night, i felt very hard. >> reporter: size meteorologists say this area is likely destined for small quakes but this is not a sign of something big tore come. >> i don't think any seismologists and says these are precursory. >> reporter: just the earth relieving stress but enough to keep people here up at night.
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in san juan batista, nbc bay area news. new tonight at 5:00, administrators say they are taking a warning about possible violence on the campus very seriously. someone found graffiti in a bathroom before the christmas break. that warned violence would hit the campus next tuesday. the graffiti has been removed but the school posted a message on the university's website. the message says -- administrators are sharing the information to err on the side of caution. plans are being drawn up with input of campus police to deal with an emergency just in case. police in pleasanton are looking for a burglar that's been hitting areas near the city's sports park. the latest case was monday morning on cheryl circle when a homeowner confronted a man climbing into a second story bedroom window. the suspect jumped to the ground and ran away. officers say this is similar to a string of others in the area and remind people to lock their
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doors and windows and to set their alarms when they leave their homes unattended. dog lovers growling about a new proposal that would limit the space available for their pets to roam offleash. the golden gate national recreation includes 21 parks in the bay area. now the federal government wants to make changes to the list of doggy do's and don'ts. tracy grant is live to tell us more. tracy, things have kind of -- some people will say -- gone to the dogs here? >> reporter: you're right, jessica. a lot of people aren't happy and here's an example. if these new rules go into place here at christie field, only on-leash dogs walk along this promenade here and no dogs are allowed on the east beach or anywhere near the wildlife from text area. quite a change from the way things are right now. even on a dreary wet day like today, paul monte still brings
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his dog here to roam freely. >> this is a place she can play with other dogs and run with other dogs. it's just -- you've seen her run. she loves it. she has a big smile on her face. >> there are areas that are roped off. there's definitely birds they want to protect as well as vegetation. dog walkers are respectful. >> reporter: the national park service wants to close off even more sections to dogs and their owners. at the golden gate national recreation area. the main objective of the national park dog services management plan is to protect endangered animals and vegetation in the park. >> this will be just one more freedom and privilege and, you know, just gift taken away. >> a spokesperson said the pet policies haven't changed since 1979, but since then, environmental analysis has shown these struggling species are being trampled and scared away
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or pushed out of their nesting grounds by dogs. an effort to corden off certain areas in 1999 was met with a lawsuit by a group of dog lovers. a judge ruled to make those changes a public comment period is required and that period begins tomorrow. dan hirskowitz says it's hard to find other places where buddy can run off-leash. he point out that no one enforces the rules now so who will do it later? >> sometimes we obey and sometimes we don't. >> reporter: now, the public comment period will go from tomorrow until april 14th. the golden gate national recreation area says the best way to do it is to go online and post your comments or you can attend one of four scheduled workshops. live in san francisco, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. all right. thank you. the golden gate bridge district is moving forward with plans to eliminate 32 toll takers by the
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end of next year. members of the finance committee today reviewed the proposal which was released earlier this week. the next step now comes january 28th when the full board is expected to vote. the toll takers will be replaced by electronic readers. as the bridge district struggles to dig out of an $89 million deficit. to the weather, parts of the bay area saw light rain and still pretty foggy out there in some places, too. >> let's turn things over to > ff ranieri. the mist in san francisco is coming down with wind, 5 to 15 miles per hour across the coastline. as we zoom in, you see no consistent rainfall at this point. however, the fog as we saw in tracy grant's live short is reduction visibility in san francisco to redwood city and>> parts of the east bay and livermore. visibility at a quarter mile and
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less in oakland. if you're traveling over the bay bridge or golden gate bridge those are hot spots where the fog will reduce visible and down to san mateo. coming , details on when warming will be back in my forecast coming up. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead, could the next yoenl come without a belly button? and how many at&t iphone customers might jump ship to verizon. and major changes for some of the most widely used pain killers after reports of serious health approximate. . and your kids' lunch tray may never be the same again. back in a moment.
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topping our business and
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tech headlines, new numbers though a jump in unemployment claims in first week of 2011, the highest number of first-time unemployment filers since october of last year. the figures follow a report last week that showed the u.s. added fewers jobs than forecast in december. experts say overall, however, the trend is still a decline in unemployment claims and the economy does seem to be moving in the right direction but very slowly. bleak news from the housing market. realty track predict this is year will be the peak of the housing meltdown. the agency says lenders will take back more homes this year than at any other year since the crisis began in 2006. 1.2 million homes could be foreclosed on. about 5 million borrowers are at least two months behind on their mortgages and experts say more people will join that group because of job losses and underwater loans. more than half the country's foreclosure activity came out of five states in 2010, one of them
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being california. topping our health watch tonight, for the first time in a generation, the usda proposes change to boost nutrition of the nation's school lunch program. it means lots more fruits and vegetables and the kids? they actually want it. bay area erika edwards has more. >> reporter: this school lunch line is about to get a long-awaited makeover. the usda is calling on school cafeterias to add more fruit and cut back on starchy staples like french fries. >> we have to keep in mind the students have to eat the food so making it tasty and healthy is going to be the part -- one of our biggest chamgs. >> reporter: she's a registered dietician and executive with the dallas, texas, school system and her schools have been implementing healthier choices replacing refined grains with heart-healthy whole grains and brown rice. so far, so good. >> many of the students on their own, have been asking us for healthier food options on the cafeteria line so i think they
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will welcome the changes. >> reporter: some of the usda's change also take longer than others. the amount of sodium in meals will be cut in small increments over the next decade so kids' tastebud also have a chance to adjust. other proposed changes are establishing a maximum number of calories aloud for each meal and cutting the fat content of milk and offering a greater variety of vegetables. they propose these changes because of the growing obesity epidemic. >> there are serious consequences to not getting our arms around this problem right now. >> reporter: schools that meet the new requirement will receive an extra 6 cents of from funding per meal and it's up to each school district to adjust their budget to meet the guidelines and the rules will take effect sometime after the public comment period that ends in april. erika edwards, nbc news. in other health news, popular pain killers that contain acetaminophen will have new warning labels part 06 an effort to consult down on the number of people that suffer from liver failure.
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the food and drug administration announced it's limits the amount in prescription pain killers like vicodin and percocet and new black-box warnings will be added to drug labels. in most patients patients get too much of the drug that h when they take a prescription medication that contained acetaminophen and over the countser version like tylenol. let's talk about this change in the weather. we had sunshine a few days ago and today it was dreary and wet, jeff? we're working on it in the 48 hours and right now it's foggy out there. look here. san francisco, live shot, transamerica building, really, can't see the top of it right now because that cloud level is lowering right now. humidity at 97%. winds calm. the visibility, some of the lowest visibility if is in oakland and three-quarters of a mile in san francisco and down the peninsula. when temperatures drop off we'll see is visibility continuing to
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go on down. so right now, while we don't have any widespread rainfall here in the radar, we had showers earlier today. we're still tracking mist in the north bay and the roadways are wet. if you're traveling be aware of that. that the visibility is also reduced and those roadways are slick. otherwise, right now, 61 in sunnyvale. 57 in livermore and 54 in napa. for tonight and into tomorrow morning, it's all about that fog and for friday, yes, we're going to get some gradual sunshine back in here. that's the good news but we'll have to wait for the fog to burn off and then a very nice and much-deserved warming trend coming into the forecast. some of the warmest weather we've seen in about the past six to seven weeks. could be coming our way. satellite radar picture shows us those isolated showers mainly throughout the north bay that we had and it's pushed to the east and is dissipating. there's the clearing offshore and what i want to show you is while on the large satellite
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loop, we have this big bad storm system and this area of low pressure coming in and high pressure from southern california arriving now. it will help the sunshine to come back. as we head throughout our afternoon hours for friday and saturday, we'll still have to start off those morning hours with patchy fog. temperatures tomorrow into parts of the south bay we won't see too much fog could do into the low 60s so we're tracking low 60s for spots and a decent warming trend. tomorrow in the's bay the fog is with us with upper 30s to near 40. dress the kids in layers for friday if you're heading them out to the bus stop. otherwise, 43 in gilroy. 44 in redwood city and temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s here throughout the north bay. friday is here it is tomorrow. many of you are concerned, it feels like it is already friday as we get closer and closer to the weekend. 58 in livermore. 59 in fremont after the fog, once again, gradual sunshine in
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here and we're not looking at anything in the way of rainfall tomorrow. 59 in concord. 59 in napa valley and temperatures in the north bay also staying consistent here with mid-to-upper 50s. seven-day forecast, on the weather channel and cable and on airlines we could see due to weather. saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday dry weather here, pretty much, and temperatures in the low 60s and looking sweet as we head right into tuesday and wednesday just what the meteorologist reported. >> jeff, say friday again. >> friday. >> say it again. >> it couldn't come fast enough. >> friday! >> thank you. still ahead, who's staying and who's going. how much iphone users will ditch at&t for verizon. >> and from your iphone to the big screen. how your smartphone could propel you to hollywood. and before we go to break a live look at traffic on the san mateo bridge. foggy and wet! he
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new buzz surrounding the iphone and ipad. involving the home button switch which insiders say will be removed and replaced by multitouch gestures used to return to the home screen by launching an app switcher. insiders say it enabled users to switch between locations. a button free was unveiled in las vegas and there's been no comment from apple. a new consumer survey 26% of current iphone users will leave at&t for verizon. one in four customers. the reason? poor reception and lots of dropped calls. verizon, by the way, kicks out
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the iphone 4 sales on february 10th. just when you thought you've seen everything an iphone can do, an award-wing filmmaker took it further. shooting a movie entirely on annal iphone 4. serve of them. a south korean movie director shot a 30-minute film called "night fishing" using ten iphones filming simultaneously from different angles and he says there are many limits to what it can do but he hoped the movie would motivate young film makers to see smart phones as an artistic tool. the film is set to open in south korea later this month. personal phone calls to famous speeches, back with how to get an inside look to the life and work of one of the country's most popular presidents. [ wheezing breaths ]
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big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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well, finally tonight, maybe some worthwhile time online. the kennedy, presidential library is now available online. the digital archive website was unveiled today at the national archives in washington. just days before the 50th anniversary of john f. kennedy's inauguration. reporters were given a powerpoint demonstration illustrating the historic documents and photos which are now accessible from anywhere. it's taken the kennedy presidential library in boston four years and $10 million to digitize all of the materials. boy, there are some interesting times from the kennedys. >> wow, how fabulous for people to have that access. >> that is terrific. you ought to see some of those. "the nightly newthe "nightl.
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we'll be back at 6:00. >> thank you for being with us. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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